Evryting Tun UP!

In the midst of taxation and overall vexation I felt it necessary to remind everyone to remain balanced and sufficiently hydrated. 

The external is a direct reflection of the internal so be very mindful of what is happening inside of you for the next few days.

If you're not sure of how to do this then simply meditate on a seed, then gaze upon a tree. Try to conceptualize the process a seed must go through to become a tree; the interdependence on the earth, water, wind and sunlight. The wonder of creation. 

Open yourself to the cosmic magic that is manifesting right here, right now. 

With a brilliant FULL moon and Venus transitting the Sun it is essential that we honor the feminine in everything by caring more for Mama Earth: the WOMB of all Creation. 

Plant something today, anything. Watch it grow. Give thanks. 


giving thanks daily

NadYa Dee