Lessons Learnt

Every single day I learn a lesson.

I fail, I succeed and I make careful note of what NOT to do next time.

And what is right, I improve on with each day.

I've learnt how to walk, to talk, to run, to cry, to laugh, to smile, to write, to read, to learn, to teach, to conjugate and deduce the mysteries that lie beneath the tapestry of life.

I am learning how to lose battles for the greater good. Because there is a spiritual war which has already been won by righteousness.

So I learn to be steadfast. This race is not for the quick but for those who can endure. Good times and bad, happy and sad.

My heart weeps for the atrocities against Mama Earth.

When will we stop uprooting vegetation and cutting down trees?

Why are we so pro-death and anti-life?

I am learning to remain still amongst chaos. To roar in the face of defeat.

For I am already victorious. I claim it in the name of all that is good.

I've learnt that evil takes many forms. It permeates all things, it seeks to envelop your soul.

but only if you let it. If you feed anger, fear and doubt they will grow inside you like a tumor.

But if you feed love, feed off of love. Drink from a well of wellness and joy. Then all good things must be revealed.

We must all heal and be healed.

I've learnt to find my way, even in the valley of the shadow of death.

With no fear.


am still learning

Nadya Dee