Actual Eyes

To actualize is to make reality of a thought, an idea, a dream.
Removing a veil and seeing through actual eyes that a life spent in doubt and fear is a mere illusion of the life we are all meant to live. To step outside of the notion that we have no control of our destiny.

To believe that life is random and without meaning is to deny the beauty of the rising sun or a flowers blossom. 

To manifest a future filled with love, one has to be completely engulfed in love.
I find this love in the power of all Creation. The embodiment of God on this Earth in each and every living individual. For together we are one. 

I draw closer to my True Self and realize that my higher self has been waiting for me to look in and look up. 

My third eye revealed;
 beauty reveals itself to me every day in every way. 

I give thanks for the simplest of blessings. 

I am grateful for eyes that can finally look in to see the REAL me.

brought to you by InI 6th Chakra: Ajna. 

Nadya Dee