There is a certain emptiness that fills your heart when you lose a loved one. A gaping hole, a vacuum filled with memories and regrets. Tears come and go, a faucet of emotion. Joy is overcome by fear and mortality. Life is fleeting when faced with the abruptness of death. 

Experience runs at various levels of frequency, with each peak signifying moments of true joy and happyness. The quicker the pulse, the longer happyness remains; but with every peak there must be a descent. A valley of true lowness without which true highness could never be. 

The duality of our physical existence; a shadow on a moonlit night. Chanting incantations to banish fear. Basking in the radiance of a light that never dies. Within. Every living thing resides there. 

The light of Joy which came into the world to teach us how to truly love, each other. Despite our  many transgressions. Revealing our true potential. Filling each and every vessel with love. 

I pray for the strength to welcome each and every day with vigor and conviction. Knowing that while life may fade and transcend this physical plane its light can never be extinguished.

I give thanks for the joys and sorrows of human experience. The evolution of the Creator on Earth. 

I give thanks for elders.

RIP Aunt Mandy
Sunrise:12 May 1924
Sunset: 27 April 2012

Nadya Dee