A Hopeless Zoo

"REMEMBER: Animals are beautiful people." 

These are the first words to greet you upon entering the Kingston Zoo.

 Which begs the question, are beautiful people animals too??? 

It gets better. After feasting one's eyes on birds upon birds: blue bird, red bird, white bird, green bird one is guaranteed to leave the Hope Zoo a VERY bird lover. 

Not to mention the donkeys and ostriches who live together in perfect harmony. What a treat! Perhaps they will mate and bring forth a new breed of donkiches or ostreys. Who knows?!

They would have been better off painting the donkeys black and white and calling them Zonkeys to attract more patrons. 

Better yet, why not get a big green suit and a puss in some boots and put on a Shrek exhibition??? I'm sure the kids would LOVE that! :-D

2 lazy alligators, some snakes, turtles, tortoises, unextincted iguanas and one frisky monkey later you begin wondering: 

"Is this it?" 
"what about the grung and croaking lizards? Is that a ramgoat?" 

Oh no! There's more! 

For an extra $100 you can pet the lions in the petting zoo! Lions you say? Yes. Lions. 

Albeit very dead lions.

Ladies and Genlmen the skins of the former infamous Hope Zoo lions are in the Petting Zoo for your petting pleasure. And their skulls too. What joy! 

Upon exiting the Zoo a friendly parrot tells you Hello. The perfect ironic ending to a perfectly ironic  visit. 

HopeLess Zoo: where the less you hope for, the more you get because people are animals too. 


need to go to the country, round up some farm animals and open a Zoo. 

Nadya Dee