Love from a Distance

Love is all around us; everywhere, in everything. 
Love does not adhere to the restrictions of time and the boundaries of space. 
Love is not constrained to the rules of this physical plane. 
Love is beyond this realm. 
Love is the Genesis of all things; all actions, all feelings, all thoughts. 

As human beings we tend to try to rationalize love. Requiring it to fit into the boxes society creates. We expect it to look and feel a certain way. And when it does not, when love bursts the corners of those boxes because it is in everything and as such cannot be contained, we blame love for deceiving us. For not following the rules we set for it. When love is the only Rule. 

To truly love one must sacrifice ones self to the Greatest Love of all, the Love of the Universal Creator. Familial love, friendly love and romantic love are all subcategories of this one true and pervading love. 

Love is the ultimate manifestation of our Heavenly Creator. 

Yet it is also a word, and a feeling and has evolved into an expectation and obligation. 

So often we expect those around us to love, without truly knowing how to love. We expect them to be able to love while severed from the Source of True Love. We expect love to come when we want it, how we want it and in the form we want it. But this is not always the case. Sometimes love lives on another continent, or in another dimension. Sometimes love doesn't look the way we want it to. We start to confuse love with desire and at times with loneliness, the need for companionship. We begin doing things that are not of love for the sake of love. We become muddled by our limited perceptions of what love actually is. 

But Love can only manifest itself through us when we are truly open, a clean and clear conduit of ALL that is. We must become vessels for this Love. Transmuted by its purity. 

Love has no respect for the restrictions of time and space.

Love is boundless. Love has no form yet it exists in all forms. 

How can we expect to understand love without first understanding our true self? One with all Creation. 

Perhaps we need to start exercising Love from a Distance. But not from a physical distance. 
Love from a higher plane. Love from within, distant from the Ego. 

Love those who are far away and those who are near. Love them all equally and without fear. 

Love because the decision to love is the decision to be free from all constraints and the decision to be free is the decision to just BE. 

Distance and time are superfluous when immersed in True Love. Love without expecting compensation, for Love is the ultimate compensation. 

Love from within, not separate but One with ALL. 

Just Love. 

Nadya Dee