Life Seeds I Sow.

I've been exercising my thumb lately. No, not playing Nintendo (kids still play this right?) No, this thumb takes on a more yellowish-bluish shade.

Yes. My preoccupation with all things that evolute has propelled me into becoming a plant connoisseur of sorts. 

I had quite the herb garden while I was in Japan actually. Chamomile, rosemary, three kinds of mint, St. John's wort, sage, aloe, lemongrass and lemon balm to name a few. If only I had the foresight to save all the seeds then to grow now. Sigh. 

You live and you learn. 

I did manage to bring a few seeds with me though. Also I've procured some since I've been home and as of January I've been cultivating my very own herb garden. 

Pride would not begin to explain the energy that surges through my centre when I rise each morning to see my growing seeds.

Both metaphorically as well as literally.

I am actually growing plants. On my balcony. In the concrete jungle. My Secret Garden.

I need to find some land in the country ASAP.

Mango, apple, coconut, ackee, breadfruit, orange trees are necessary to my survival.

just call me...

Faama Dee :)


sows live seeds.