Things Left Behind

Happy New Year Ones and ones 

To date it's been almost half a year since I left Japan. 
Yup, 6 months since I've been back home. 

And boy have I been enjoying the cool Jamaican Xmus breeze after a nice warm day at the beach.
 You never know what you have until it's returned to you, right?

Which brings me to the topic of todays blog, I guess. 

Things left behind.

Like the life, things and relationships I gained and cultivated while I was in Japan. 

People I may never see again. Things I will never feel or experience again. 

Ichi-go ichi-e (一期一会, literally “one time, one meeting”) 

Almost 2 years later, my tattoo takes on such a greater meaning to me now.

As I gently traverse through the Book of Genesis I am reminded of Lot's wife being warned to never look back.
Her fate: A pillar of salt.

However, despite extremely dire circumstances, I've found it necessary to glance back from time to time and give thanks for the road I have travelled thus far.

Triumphs and failures, all my own.

Things collected and things I had to leave behind.

The good news is that in this day and age of advancing technology and transportation it has become increasingly easier to keep in touch with loved ones and such.

Contact is just a skype call/ FB message away.

A glimmer of hope.


looks back to move forward.