Partner sought for vast creative endeavour. Global plans. Unlimited compensation. Immediate responsibilities include maintenance of a large property, care and authority over all kinds of creatures --flying, walking, creeping, crawling. 
Objective: teamwork, companionship and balance. 
Male only. 

The above is a slight modification of an insightful passage I read amidst the book of Genesis in my Student Bible. 

Yes, I read the Bible. 
Yes, the world is coming to an end soon.
Yes, you're gunna burn.


Moving right along...

This particular passage was discussing the role of women in the Bible specifically the Pentateuch a.k.a. the Torah. This state of enmity always stirs up in me feelings of resentment. 

From that cursed serpent to the preoccupation with the patriarchy as is evidenced in the good book women tend to be continuously classified as "less than" and not equal to their male counterparts. 

I reject this fallacy and here's why: Ma'at. Balance. All things being Equal.

Inequality seems to be a side-effect of the knowledge of good and evil. An awareness of the infinity of One.

Original sin separated us from Him.  

Only the Mind of God can conceptualize One in All and All in One. 

As I strive to be more like Her, be closer to Her, I see that She is Pure Light and so am I. 

The Beginning and the End. Aleph-Tav.

What is there to fear when it has ALLready been written? 



NadYa Dee