For the past week I've been out of commission, so to speak. Afflicted with an unknown yet havoc-wreaking ailment I engaged in a rigorous routine of Self-Healing I.e. bitching, whining, moaning and a bit of flatulence for good cheer.

In all seriousness, propelled by a deep desire to not give Babylon (a.k.a the Medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry and anyone else who loves to see black ppl suffer) my money I decided to ride the pain out. Hoping desperately that it wasn't something chronic and/or fatal.

Much to my delight I have discovered that less than desirable eating habits, dropsy, swift temperature changes and a considerable pounding can lead to, well, all sorts of ailments and consequently the need to Self-Heal.

I must give all glory and thanks to the Creator for granting me the gift of recovery, The Full Moon whose radiance inspires my inner light to continuously shine, herbs for being simply magical and the wisdom of my immune system.

Imagine how stagnant evolution would be without our individual abilities to heal our selves.


Giving eternal thanks for health and healing

Nadya Dee

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