The ego is a tricky little bastard. First it establishes a firm identity within your true self. Then it starts claiming rights to things. Names, people, places, thoughts, actions are all manifestations of this outer Self. 

Unfortunately, as we attempt to return to our True Self we become obsessed with ownership. Clingy and unforgiving. Unrelenting. We conspire on a daily basis to get more things. And we keep them locked away. Mine. Not yours. 

A greed that fed famines and watered droughts centuries before we would and could ever re-encounter our True Self. A greed that profited on the poverty of nations. 

Ownership is a disease and Greed, its exacerbation. 

When the truth is that any and everything in existence today belongs to all of Creation. Not one thing, person, entity can truly OWN that which belongs to us all. 

The earth, the seas, the mango trees ALL belong to the Universal Energy which evolves through the Eternal I. 

Be wary of how, when and why you use the words me and mine. There is only one I and it exists in everything. 

So if you own something then so does I and anything that I owns also belongs to you. 

The genesis of all of our problems on this planet today is an egotistical inflammation. An unwillingness to give and to share. To truly love, exponentially. 

Without falter.

Without fear. 


owns nothing and everything

NadYa Dee