There is a thin line between enjoyment and indulgence and life is a constant struggle to toe that line. 

Sure you can have fun, but not too much. 

Wanna have cake? sure, but you can't eat it! 

Want to go out and party? By all means! But don't drink and drive! 

We are constantly called to the attention of our boundaries. Knowing our limits. 

As a child, we are tempted to touch everything. Experience everything to the fullest. And we're told no. Don't touch that. Don't do that. Don't say that. Don't eat that. Don't pee there.  

Then as a teenager, at risk of dying an old person who NEVER gets to do anything, we do too much. 

We get shit-faced, disrespect ourselves and those around us: we disobey rules and thwart authority. Repeatedly. 

Cause once you pop, the fun don't stop. 

I mean it's easy to abstain from sex when you've never had any. But once the waters come, everything gets wet. [Pardon the analogy. not really

And so Life becomes a never-ending tug of war between doing bad and knowing better. Discretion is the perpetual word of the day. 

Everything must be PC (as opposed to Mac?).

Torn between throwing down or throwing in the towel.

Going hard or going home. 

We are chastised for doing too much as well as not doing enough. 

Imagine poor Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden with the constant temptation of the ONLY tree of which the fruit is forbidden. What a tease! 

Unless of course in the presence of temptation we are meant to learn control and build character; Experience sufferation in the face of pleasure. And as we overcome each temptation we grow stronger. 

Stronger in body, mind and spirit. 

Another lesson learnt.


will do my best to resist temptations. 

Nadya Dee