There is always a choice. Even when it doesn't seem that way. Even when it seems as if there is no hope left. There is a choice. To say yes, to say no, to admit wrongs and acknowledge rights.

To demand respect. To laugh, to cry.

To be responsible for things said and done; for every thought.

To be in control of the course of life. Destiny is dependent on free will.

Choose to breathe in the good of every experience and exhale all negativity.

Choose to persevere, to stare the future in the eye with no fear.

Make the choice to honour the now. Today, each and every precious moment.

Choose to release all anger.

Choose to have no fear, be free of all worry.

Choose to give thanks at all times.

I choose to not surrender my power.

I choose to be free.


choose to love.

Nadya Dee