Time flies...

when you're having fun, giving bun, trying to come... to terms with new surroundings and such.

Which is why I haven't blogged in a while. My apologies to those who noticed my abstinence.

Nevertheless, I am proud to announce on this day much like every other yet unique in its own way, that I am alive. Yes. Living, breathing and giving Jah thanks for the ability to do so.

Yesterday, I pulled "Take Your Time" and suddenly realized that, despite leaving bits and pieces of myself halfway across the world and despite several disappointments and anointments, the moon has made one full rotation around the earth since I have been home.

and although I have yet to truly sow any seeds I feel seeds sowing in me. Seeds of transformation.

As long as I can keep fear at bay and as long as I continue to fast and pray, things will become clearer and clearer until not only time will be flying but

So will I.


tobitai! (I want to fly)

NadYa Dee.