The Facebook App-endage

Since October 23, 2008 -- the Genesis of what we now know as Facebook (FB for short), there has been a consistent and subliminal evolution of humankind. Intelligent beings with access to the World Wide Web have cultivated what seems to be a virtual member. 

Facebook, once a social networking site, a place where people would occasionally visit, has gradually morphed into an extension of our current consciousness. 

Through the advent of self-deemed 'smartphones' and other technological advancements, it seems we have adopted FB as an adjunct of our true selves. 

Less than 3 years later, FB has become the norm, not the exception. I can't help but think of 'The Chrysalids' and how those who were deemed "abnormal" were banished to the Fringes. Poor Spidey. 

Alas, there are still millions upon billions of people inhabiting the earth who probably think that a face book is merely a paperback collection of many different faces. However, as the Facebook appendage continues to grow and spread so too will its effects upon humankind. 

Not having Facebook is now seen as a deficiency when before it was considered a luxury. A graduation from exclusivity to global inclusivity. 

Don't get me twisted, I am not anti-Facebook, I'm not about to go deactivate my account because I think it's a proxy for the Devil. It has it's good points. It has helped me connect, reconnect and stay connected with the more important people in my life. 

Nevertheless, I can't help thinking of the future generations, will they ever be able to conceptualise life outside of what we have created for them? Or will FB become how parents will teach their children and how families will communicate, how our morals will be dictated?

We're already stuck behind a screen 7/10ths of everyday. We farm online while neglecting Mother Earth. We text instead of talk. Why gaze into your eyes when I can stare at your face? page after page. A collection of uses. Third dimensions. 

Failing to realize that anything outside of our true selves is just brawta. 


will not be appended 

Nadya Dee