Choose Your Own Adventure

As many of you may know (or not know) I am a book lover. A very book lover. Before I knew myself I knew books. I cannot remember a part of my childhood in which I wasn't either reading a book, writing a story or running wild in my imagination. Creating my own stories, never-ending stories, submerged in fantasy. 

Moby Books were a significant part of my early (-ish) childhood experience. It's funny the things that your subconscious chooses to hold on to. I think I might have read at least 2 dozen Moby books by the time I was 7. 

As I got older my love of books never faded, in fact it only grow stronger. Another set of books that stood out to me were the Goosebumps series. Especially the "You choose the Scare" editions. 

I was intrigued by the idea of being in control of the story, the plot, the ending. Little did I know that  those books were a metaphor for life itself. 

For what is life but one big story, one big adventure propelled by our free will?

So today's blog post is dedicated to the great adventure that is life. Each chapter being an journey we choose to take. 


am on a fantastic journey 

Nadya Dee