I've been thinking a lot lately about how our value systems as human beings have become corrupted by 'civilisation'. How is it that so many people are incapable of seeing that money is not the main purpose of their life on earth? 

Money, which used to be a means to an end, has become the ends, regardless of the means. Our sense of Self (Esteem) has become anchored to economic worth. 

Money has replaced God. And I am tired of being its slave. 

The truth is, I'm tired of working. Striving to survive in a system that thrives on the Earths demise. At first I thought it was fear, laziness, procrastination. But there are things that I do want to do. Things that I want to be free to do. 

Like learning to heal myself, others, the world. Through herbs, meditation and energy channelling. 
I want to lay in the sun all day and regenerate my melanin. I want to hug trees. Swim in beautiful seas. 

I want to love exponentially without fear of poverty and animosity, of societal Judgment. 

I want to achieve the highest level of frequency. Reconnecting daily with the Divine True Source. 

 My "soul" aim is to realize my true purpose. And continue realizing it until it's time. 

My value no longer rests on material things. Floating around in the 3rd dimension. Fickle arguments, senseless debates. 

The thing which I cherish the most is beyond worth. 


cannot be valued. 

Nadya Dee