Giving up Lent... for Lent

Apparently it's that time of the year... when those Christianly-inclined commit to giving up some action/addiction/person/thing for Lent. And while I used to participate sporadically in years past I have decided from this moment on, I will be giving up Lent... for Lent.  

I don't see why I should allow a mythical date/ time frame to dictate when or why I should make any fundamental changes in my life. 

I've given up (or at least I am actively trying to give up) all meat and dairy products. Not for Lent. But for me and my health and in preparation for my Ascension. 

Why should I limit myself to a mere 40 days (or whatever) in the year to make a positive change in my life? 

Not to mention the complete and utter overindulgence that occurs once the period of Lent has passed and everything returns to normal. [whatever normal is these days]

What's the point? 

That being said, I commit to changing my life for the better every single day of my life.

Improvement and enlightenment is a process, a journey. 

Enjoy the ride.


Nadya Dee