Bunched Panties

Panties bunched up around my ankles, I stand alone.
Lost in the memories of sweet caresses, tender kisses, weakened knees.
Then you leave and the abandonment issues I keep buried beneath a heap of narcissistic sheets resurface.
They echo the disembowelment of my dreams.
I hope you realize what you do to me whenever you walk away.
I gather myself.
My thoughts.
My draws.

Composing what little dignity that is left.
Stolen moments.
Broken promises.
Open lies.
Why am I constantly surprised that you choose not to stay?

And every time you go away
A piece of me trickles down
then evaporates into the atmosphere
permeating my thoughts
staining my life
my existence

I fear not knowing when you will return

On my knees
I remain a slave to your needs
Drowning my pleas
I am defenseless to your love

and you
nonchalant in your approach
I am bewildered by your touch

taking away so much
leaving me with my panties in a bunch.

Nadya Dee