Babylon [Sidereal] Zodiac

Ascording to recent media reports, astrology, the zodiac and horoscopes are all a big farce. Shock! Gasp! Horror! Disbelief! \(^O^)/

Now I am not going to go into the technical mumbo-jumbo surrounding this new revelation because frankly... I don't really care.

I'm a Cancerian, the crab, ruled by the moon, regardless. I doan care who the guy! A coulda Ophiucus or di one name Kunkle. As a matter of fact, Kunkle deserves a kunkle in him forehead for this mess.

Fine, I get it, astronomers use numbers and equations to determine the alignment of the stars and planets blahdiblahdiblah. Well for me, astrology speaks to a deeper and more profound understanding of the inexplicable interactions taking place within our Universe. Sure, horoscopes tend to be a bit vague and placating, but for as long as I have been honoring my sign and following its influences on my moods and personality it has never lead me astray.

However, at the risk of sounding biased let me try to simplify this current zodiac uproar. Sometime last year during my astrology/zodiac researchings I stumbled upon some information that left me perturbed. Apparently the sun was not actually in the Cancer constellation when I was born! Shock! Horror! Despair! Oh, the Lime-anity!

I thought to myself, "What does this mean?" (in rainbow man's voice). What was this sidereal zodiac that seemed intent on ruining my identity??? How was I supposed to carry oooonnnnn???

Luckily, my ADD caused me to not dwell on this revelation long enough for it to lead to a psychological break in my persona. It did, however, lead me to a better (?) understanding of the many disparities within astrology. Sure I felt confused for a while. But, much like the works and wonders of the Almighty, I decided not to puzzle things beyond my comprehension. I just accepted it. As it was. I mean seriously, if we were to start counting every movement and every second then soon we'd find out that we're not in 2011 but that it's actually February 31st, 2007. Am jus saying.

Nevertheless, for those of you incapable of accepting things as they are maybe this article might shed some light on the differences between the Tropical Zodiac, the Sidereal Zodiac and the IAU definition.

Or maybe it won't. In any case. The debate of Western Astrology is not a task I wish to undertake at this point in my evolution. As they say, cockroach don't have no business inna fowl fight.

I will just sit down and drink my tea and follow my Tropical Zodiac and mek di faada deal wid dem!

...and then unnu wonder why Rasta seh Babylon mus FALL! (lol)


Nadya Dee