Arguing with Idiots

I learned a long time ago that, as best as possible, one should not engage in arguments with idiots. Because from a distance, no one can tell the difference. This has never been more evidenced than on Twitter. Where the ignorant run free and frolic under the heavy veil of freedom of speech.

I try not to follow idiots on twitter for personal reasons. I'm a bitch. And I consider people who are OBVIOUSLY less intelligent than I, a complete and utter waste of my time. So I avoid them. Like the plague. Because I honestly believe that ignorance is an epidemic and it is highly contagious. And I want none of it. So I try to build up a wall of intelligence around me. Alas, as impenetrable as it may seem, someone sneezes and just like that, you're down with the ignoramus.

And before you know it, you're halfway into the most asinine "debate" with one of the most simple minded people you have ever had the displeasure of knowing existed.

That's when a switch flips and you realize that not every one you meet is worth elevating and that's when you just have to let it go. Stop responding, stop fueling their idiocy and just keep it moving.

Keep calm and carry on.


hates stupid people and so does God, forril.

NadYa Dee