Last Days

Lately I've been pondering the phrase "live everyday like it's your last". I mean on the surface it seems quite motivational, meaning that one should live each day to the fullest, seizing all opportunities. The ultimate anti-procrastinator.

But then I gots to thinking. On my last days there's only a few things I'd really want to do.

  1. make peace with my time here on earth before transitioning to the heavenly plane
  2. hold my loved ones
  3. smoke a dubious amount of herbs and last but not least
  4. make lots and lots of the sex
That being said, there's no way I can do these things everyday. Of course I'd love to but the reality of the situation is that I have shit to do. Responsibilities, obligations, future plans.

So I reject the idea of living each day like it's my last as an excuse to do whatever the hell I want because the truth is, I am not a child anymore and with adulthood comes a certain level of maturity that behooves me to get up every Monday to Friday and take my ass to work. Whether I want to or not.

Not to mention the ominous connotations associated with a "last day". You know, the whole - from the moment you are born you start tending towards death - adage. I find it quite disconcerting. I am no pessimist. I consider myself more of a realist with spurts of optimism.

Which is why I prefer to live each day like it's my first rather than my last. I commit myself to learning, doing and thinking something new every single day. Going somewhere for the first time, seeing something from a new perspective, meeting new people and becoming a better me.

Because the now is all we have. So it's up to you whether you want to live each moment in expectation of it's ending or treat each moment as the beginning of much more to come.


hates motivational quotes sometimes

Nadya Dee