Facebook Hiatus

I've quit Facebook, for now. It's boring me. I've been on Facebook for almost 7 years now and well... it just doesn't feel the same anymore. So I'm done. I'm moving on. I'll only be using the social network for well... networking [and remembering ppls birthdays]... not the incessant procrastinating that has become my MO. I mean seriously... how much of my life has been wasted staring at that blue and white page??? sheesh! I don't even wanna think about it!

Alas, with every addiction there will be relapses, so I'll be using tumblr to filter the random things coarsing through my mind at any given time and twitter to control my verbal diarrhea. I mean really and truly... my family members and coworkers don't really need to be privy to the filth that sometimes floats to the surface of my subconscious. Shit, they don't DESERVE it! lol

That being said, I intend to fight off the urge to procrastinate on FB by blogging... more so, I'll be writing short stories... or rather attempting to.

Yup that's the plan. Less Facebook and more Nadya Dee because seriously, the only person making serious paper off of Facebook is Mr. Zuckerberg. And I ain't he!

Is he married btw??? amjusaksin!

*sips red wine*

Ok guys and gals... y'all be seeing much more of me on here! baleeedat!


Nadya Dee .... OUT!