They suck blood, undead, allergic to the Sun, the light. Perpetually nocturnal.

Vampires have no life, NO light! Myth or true lies?

How many people do you know walk around devoid of life? Sucking the life force out of others.
Stealing their energy. Feasting on other peoples light, joy, happiness? Reveling in their despair.

How many of us hide from the light? Our light. Preferring to dwell in darkness, the ignorance of unconsciousness.

We watch these vampire shows and find them intriguing because the ego that dwells in all of our minds identifies with the cause of the vampire. The need to drain us of our blood, extinguish our light and keep us in eternal darkness.

Paranoia, Insomnia, Mass delusions of grandeur. How many of us give in to the fallacy of vampirism??? Proud of the darkness, lost in disillusion.

This illusion that makes us afraid to face the light inside each and everyone of us.

The God, the Source, the Truth.

Content to live a life of darkness.

Vampires in the night.


am light, life, love.

Nadya Dee