For a variety of reasons I decided to re-contract for one more year on the JET Programme. A Programme which initially was supposed to be for just one year, maximum 3. But here I am, 3 years later embarking on that fourth and final revolution and I can't help but think: Am I really supposed to do this? Am I really supposed to stay here?

Most if not all of my friends have already left or are leaving this year and I feel myself drifting further away from my friends and family back home. And all for what? Another humid summer and frigid winter? Do the +ves truly outweigh the -ves?

I suppose this is a crucial crossroad for me. As I clear the 25 years of life hump. A final year to reach full maturity. I hope.

Jaaa well, what else can I do but ride out this wave. One more year.


am extending my self.

NadYa Dee