Here and Now

What's more certain than the here and now? This moment, this place, right here, right now. The present. As far as we know everything outside of this might all be an illusion. The past and the future are fleeting. Memories and dreams.

What we have, within our reach and grasp is the present. Right now. Yesterday as I spoke to one of my best friends about my past lovers and all the obstacles I encountered along the way to reaching this present moment I realised that everything is as it should be. I am here, single, living in Japan, teaching English, growing my locks and becoming more in touch with my True Being because I should be. Everything that has happened up to this point was in preparation for me becoming who I am right now. And this will continue.

When I think about how I ended up at UWI instead of some random US University, why I ended up taking a Japanese course and a plethora of other circumstances which, at the time, I thought were inexplicable and insurmountable random occurrences I realise now just how limited I was in my understanding back then. I was constantly worrying about the future or clinging to the path, so much so that I was incapable of just being and existing in the present.

Right now, I am learning each day how to be at peace with my present situation. To not worry about the things that are outside of my control. Because whether or not I worry, things will be as they are meant to be.

The only control I have is over the here and now. And that's enough for me.


am here. now.

NadYa Dee