Birth Month -- Re:Birth

It's June!!! and you know what this means??? It's my birth month!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!

This year is especially significant to me as I celebrate my 25th year walking amongst the "living" on Mother Earth. A quarter of a century later and here I am. Almost 9000 miles from the land of my birth and hopefully 25 years wiser and more enlightened than I was at the beginning.

It has often been said that life is a journey. Be it physical, emotional, spiritual or an amalgamation of them all. My life's journey has taken me to this place and this time right now. Everything that I have done or have not done in the days leading up to this very moment were already planned and ordained by the Universe. I am merely here to enjoy the experience, basking in the knowledge of just being, feeling and appreciating life in all its splendour.

I am blessed to have made it this far despite the potholes and the detours. I truly believe that I am currently on the path I need to be to realising my true purpose here on earth. Knowing this, as I prepare for my transition into my next 25 years, will surely make the steps I take and decisions I make from this moment on more ordered.

In 26 days I'll file away my past 25 years, the disappointments, the failures and mistakes, the ego-trips and the hang ups and the situations I thought were outside of my control. They are all things of the path and I will no longer allow them to keep me from my happiness.

I have finally come to terms with my existence. So in exaltation of this acceptance I'll be dedicating each day leading up to my birth day to an Insight. An insight into myself and my life up to this point and my hopes and dreams for the years to come.

Happy Birthmonth to me!


am renewing my knowledge of me

NadYa Dee