So I've been immensely preoccupied lately. I haven't even been tweeting as often as I used to. Which must mean that I've been less idle. I tend to tweet non-stop when I'm at school with nothing to do and the twitter page in front of me. Random mind farts. But recently not so much. This might be partly due to my new fascination: tumblr. I like it more because I can be me without having to wonder who sees it. It's called Inside the Mind of Nadya Dee and that's exactly what it is. The things that float to the surface of my subconscious and stay there...sailing on the plane between reality and fiction.

I write more "poetry" over there as well. But still that's no excuse for neglecting my blog. my baby. my everything.

Sure I'm not an avid blogger. I take month long breaks, write stories sporadically and make lots of promises I don't/can't keep. But I'm trying.

And as soon as I find an equilibrium between twitter, blogspot and tumblr I'm thinking of jumping on the youtube bandwagon. But not until I figure out what the hell I'd be vlogging about.

That being said, I've been stimulating my mental a lot more recently with books and vids and certain elevated conversations which have helped to lift me out of the mundanity that my life was seemingly becoming.

But I'm thinking I'm gunna address each of these levels of elevation individually. In due time.


am not who I was nor who I am to be

NadYa Dee