Writing Constipation

There are two or three stories sitting on my brain right now but I just can't seem to pass them out. So I've been signing on to Blogger randomly. Hoping something will come. But it doesn't. Maybe I'm just lazy and unwilling to settle into a long term commitment such as a story because I've been tumbling and tweeting out all hell.

I feel myself slowing to an impasse. I need a jolt of excitement or something. Things are becoming quite mundane. Perhaps it's the gloomy weather and the sporadic horniness. I'm not sure. I think I'm experiencing an extreme ADD episode. I'm currently in the process of reading around 5 books and I keep buying more. Somebody stop meeee!!!

Sigh. Maybe I should blog until I feel better...or less like this. Or maybe I just need to go to the bathroom. I think the sooner I pass something though, the quicker we can get to the big load.

And yes I do realise that this post was inundated with faecal innuendo. So what. Sue me.


needs some release and sooooon!

NadYa Dee