The Vacation that was...

So it's been a little over a month since I got back from my winter vacation and I haven't posted not one single blog since then. I suppose I was waiting for some inspiration, or the right time, or divine intervention. In any which case, something just said to me: "just post something right now, anything."

So here I am. Posting a few pics from the vacation. Most of the memories from this trip are on FB including the eventful Night Safari, the tours, the endless walking and shopping, the 'spa' therapy, the island hopping, the monkey attack, and the tattoo convention.

I don't really feel like copy and pasting any thing right now but maybe I will in the future.

That being said...here are a few pics from my adventures in Singapore and Malaysia.

Boxing Day Singapore

@ the Singapore Adventure/Museum

@ the Night Safari, Singapore.

NYE Kuala Lumpur

NYE Kuala Lumpur

@ the Reggae Bar, last night in KL


the view from my room/cabin

finally I gets to lay on the beach


The sun sets.

That was just a glimpse of the vacation that was... back to our irregular unscheduled programming.

wish I was still vacating

NadYa Dee