Man Cabinet

I need a man who can cook and clean and take care of the kids, a man who knows how to be a good father. A man who knows how to garden as well as how to maintain a household, how to fix machinery, build things and repair pipes. A man who also know his way around a car, who isn't afraid to get greasy and dirty when necessary. I need a man who is physically fit and mentally strong. A man who can carry me for hours without complaining, a man who can lift me over a puddle when it's raining. But he also needs to know when to let me walk on my own. A man who can read my moods, who knows when I need to be held and when I need to be left alone. I need a man who knows me, understands me and accepts me exactly as I am but also understands that there are still things about me I need to change and improve and he knows how to offer just enough encouragement to motivate me without pushing too hard and pissing me off. A man who can see the beauty within me even if I'm unable to see it myself. A man who can release all my tension with the touch of his hands. I want a man who reads my blog and my stories and is my biggest fan. A man who writes poetry himself and recites them to me while feeding me chocolate covered strawberries in bed. A man who knows how to use his head, to make me feel like the only woman in his world. A man who also knows how to use his tool to rule me, in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, on the floor or up against the door. I need a man who knows how to pamper me, who knows that tough love won't necessarily work with me because sometimes I just need to feel protected. A man who is a leader and knows that as a strong woman I need a strong man beside me. I need a man willing to risk his life for me and his family, a man who won't hesitate to fight for me, but would never dare to raise his hand to strike me. I need a man with ambition, who never stops dreaming, and never stops trying to be a better man, for me. I need a man who can make me laugh til I cry when I don't even feel like smiling. A man who consistently surprises and entertains me. I need a man who has it all and is willing to give it all to me.

I know. I am a needy bitch. I am so needy that I've come to the realization that if I am to be truly happy I will need more than one man. Obviously. One man alone cannot satisfy me. I need different men to fulfil various needs and desires.

Today, as I was having a conversation with a sistren of mine, I came to the conclusion that what I really need is a MAN CABINET. It's perfect. And by cabinet of course I mean the piece of furniture in which I'd keep them all as well as the 'council' in which they'd be able to get together and brainstorm all the ways in which to keep Nadya happy.

Of course this is all wishful thinking. But what if? just what if I was able to keep all my men... without having to choose one???


would be happy beyond my wildest dreams...with my Cabinet of Men

NadYa Dee