Sex 4 Suga :: Suga 4 Sex

For the past couple days I've been thinking a lot about abstinence: Fasting, celibacy, dieting, you name it. During this period of searching and self-evaluation I came to the conclusion that there are two things that I absolutely cannot (and would not willingly) abstain from. Sex and Sugar.

In many ways sex and sugar are very similar. They're both extremely addictive and when you put them together??? ..... the sensation is like no other.

Which leads me to an e-mail I received today from a special friend who promised to write me a story ages ago. The story, entitled 'Honey', fused both concepts perfectly. It's like he knew exactly what I was planning to blog about. Isn't it beautiful when you find someone who is vibrating on the same wavelength as you??? Sweet Bliss.

Here is a little excerpt from the story:

I reach for the bottle of honey that is sitting on my counter. I put a drop of the sweetness on my forefinger and gently place the drop on my bottom lip. I nod my head as I watch you close your eyes and pull your mouth closer to the sweetness that awaits. Your tongue glides oh so softly against my bottom lip to taste the honey that is rushing through your taste buds. You look up at me and lick your lips inviting me to taste. I oblige by putting my tongue on your soft, sweetened lips. Our tongues meet and a wet pureness engulfs us as our tongues wander in and around each other's mouth.
Alright now take a minute to compose yourself, grab a napkin and take a deep cleansing breathe. Still horny??? Yeh, me too and it only gets sweeter as you keep reading.

That's what sex does to me, sugar too (in the right doses and the right places ;o) )

The title of this blog came from my boo Common's album Universal Mind Control. Here's a video with the song, Sex 4 Suga:

I just felt like I needed to get that out of my system.
That's all for today folks.
Wishing you a sweet and sexy weekend.


feels for some whip cream, if you know what I mean ;o)