Mercury in Retrograde

From September 6th until September 29th the fair planet Mercury will be in retrograde.

No wonder I've been feeling so conflicted lately!

Basically, Mercury being in retrograde means that it has appeared to stop and now be moving backwards. This happens 3 to 4 times a year.

Astrologically speaking, Mercury being in Retrograde has quite a few consequences here on earth.

Mercury rules communication and so being in retrograde causes communication to become befuddled. So you can imagine what I might be going through in a country where everyday communication is a feat!

Furthermore, this miscommunication that comes hand-in-hand with Mercury in Retrograde had me thinking about one of my favourite Shakespeare plays: A Midsummer Night's Dream.
With Puck and Bottom and all their antics.

Yes I was an English major so yes of course I have a certain affinity towards old English Literature. Plus, Shakespeare is one of my favourite writers. To be as talented as he was is my greatest wish as an aspiring writer.

Anyhoo, for those of you who are not familiar with the story of A Midsummer Night's Dream,

GUH HOL A CLIFF'S NOTES! Jooooke! lol. Ok here's a synopsis:

Theseus and Hippolyta are to wed at the new moon, and Philostrate has been ordered to have a revel prepared for the wedding. Several local craftsmen agree to write and produce a play for the revel. Egeus brings his daughter, Hermia, to Theseus for judgment since he is convinced that her choice of husband, Lysander, has bewitched her into choosing him. According to Athenian law, a father may decide who his daughter marries; if she does not obey, she may be put to death or ordered to a nunnery for the rest of her life. As she is well aware, her father has chosen Demetrius. The craftsmen repair to the woods to rehearse at the same time that Lysander and Hermia meet there to plan their elopement. Hermia and Lysander confide in Helena, who has previously been jilted by Demetrius and wants to win him back. Helena, in turn, tells Demetrius of the young lovers’ meeting.

Fairies have come from India to bless Theseus’ wedding and are haunting the same wood where the craftsmen and lovers plan to meet. Oberon is quarreling with Titania over her continued possession of a changeling; in retaliation for his wife’s actions, Oberon sends Puck to gather the flower necessary to make a love juice. This love juice will cause the one who has it squeezed into his/her eye while asleep to fall in love with the first being seen upon waking. Helena follows Demetrius into the wood as he attempts to find the lovers, thereby disturbing Oberon who then orders Puck to squeeze the love juice into the eye of the youth who disturbed him.

and so on and so forth...

*sigh* Stories of unbridled and unrequited love never get old do they?

In any which case, Mercury being in retrograde gives us time to catch up with ourselves, and to look back. Which is exactly what I am doing on this long weekend (also known as 'Silver Week' in Japan).

Something from the past might return in a different form. This can mean people, ideas or buried insights that need to surface for you to move forward. Often it's felt as a contemplative time, depending on the sign, a chance to go over old ground again, to claim what you missed the first time.

There's also a long-held belief that it's best to avoid making set plans during the Mercury Retrograde. This means being cautious about things like signing contracts, and forming partnerships and corporations. What gets put in writing at this time may turn out to need serious revising after Mercury goes direct. But since tying up loose ends is the domain of retrograde, this type of finalization might fly.

Lately I've become really interested in astrology and the effects the heavens have on our behaviours here on earth. It's a tool that can help us all be more aware of patterns, like those that occur during Mercury Retrograde. Ofcourse these patterns also depend heavily on which sign Mercury Retrograde is cast.

It's all pretty informative really.

This Retrograde I think I'm gunna take the time to reassess my place in life. I'm feeling quite confused about where I am and what my purpose is here.

Yet still I persevere, with no sign of love or passion in my near future. My heart grows weary.


should really be writing a book

NadYa Dee