I know I'm not the only one whose parental is on Facebook. When it first happened I was appalled. All I could think was "there goes my social life." It meant the end of my infamous erotic status updates as well as my provocative breastilicious profile pics. I was at odds with myself. I needed a forum in which to express my lewdness and my sexual frustration!

Then I found Twitter. *cue heavenly music.* Lucky for me my mother hasn't and probably never will get the hang of Twitter thank the heavens!)

However, lately I've seen the percentage of parentals on FB increase dramatically. My mother AND her peers are now all over it, writing on walls, commenting on pics, updating statuses. It's madness I tell you!!!

The Onion.com addresses this new phenomenon in the following spoof:

Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids

This stalker "E-Mom" was hilarious!!! Re: Twitter "you can hear you child's every thought, it's like a dream come true!" *DEAD*

My favourite part is at the end when the host says, "Now the only excuse for not knowing every detail of your child's life is having a life of your own."



will probably be a stalker Mom too IF I find a suitable mate to fertilize my eggs.