9 months later...

It's been roughly 9 months since I last had sex. (Roughly and/or otherwise!)

9 rotations of the moon around the earth since I last felt the sweet touch of a man, caressing the most tender parts of my body, rotating and pulsating.

But I'm not complaining too much, because on the other hand I could have been incubating another human being for those same 9 months.

And as miraculous as it may be, I am in no position to be having a child right now. I think to some extent I'm still a child myself, barely mature enough to take care of me yet alone another human being. I still have lots more exploration to do. Of myself as well as the world.

But shouts to all my friends and family out there who have taken that huge step into motherhood. I envy and admire you all!

I used to think that this world was too dangerous and evil to even consider bringing a new life into. Now, I see that there are still things of beauty left on this earth and that is what I want to share with my offspring, what is still left of humanity. However I still have much to learn before I can even think of teaching another about survival.

So I will wait another 9 months or more before I can feel the sweet caresses of a man, to be engulfed in his seductive embraces. Hoping for the day when this involuntary bout of celibacy will be but a distant and fleeting memory.

Because at least now I don't have to buy a pregnancy test when my period decides to take its usual hiatus.

still not a cow but I am NO heifer!

NadYa Dee