Just a blog

It's been quite some time since I "just blogged" you know. Spoke about the random shit that make up my life.

So here I go:

Tomorrow I start at my new school. I've been feeling quite apprehensive about...

Nope. Couldn't do it. I don't get how people can just write about random nonsense. Now I can TALK random crap til the cows come home. But I just can't dedicate a blog to whats been happening in my life...I guess that's because so much has been happening in the past few months that the words come to me so quickly and I don't have enough time to rephrase them and then type them all out. So I just don't bother none tall.

I guess I could try doing it as a stream of consciousness but then I'm sure my hands would get tired and I'd probably get carpel tunnel or something like that....not to mention I've been excessively miserable lately (which can only mean one thing...Aunty from Red Hills)

I should really consider the whole video blog thing. It does make for easier rambling. But I guess I'd feel some sort of a way uploading my videos on YouTube for all and sundry to see. (We all know what happened to poor ole Scarlet)

I doan know yaah. I just feel haunted once again. The full moon a come don't it?

How mi know!

Oh well, so much for just blogging.


blogging for blogging sake