Burning Bridges

It seems I only blog when I'm ranting about something or another. Which would therefore mean that the infrequency of my blogs is a clear indicator of my contentment. Or lazyness. Whichever.

Nevertheless, I have once again found it necessary to rant/cuss/vent about a few things that have caused me much discontent in the past few weeks.

In anticipation of my upcoming celebration of birth (June 27th, mark it down in your calendars!), I've decided to get all feelings of anger and hate out of my heart so that I may start my 24th year on this earth, like a newborn, free of all anger and disdain.

With that said, I shall make this quick as I should have been at the gym about an hour ago.

Recently, I've been noticing what a changed person I am. Tame even.

The rebellious, raucous and eccentric person I knew (and loved dearly) has become more subdued, more tolerant and, dare I say, the biggest hypocrite I've had the pleasure of knowing.

Okay maybe not the biggest, but certainly rivaling the worst.

I say this all because of the huge bite mark that has been permanently tattooed to my tongue sake of my being cosmopolitan.

I cannot count the number of occassions I've had to hold my tongue for fear that its lashing would gash such a fire that all bridges behind and possibly in front of me would be burnt to cinders.

From school to social settings I've found it increasingly difficult to be my true self in a society where I am constantly being scrutinized and stereotyped. And so, I am forced to be politically correct amidst unpolitical inaccuracy. Babylon if you will.

Not saying that I long to revert to my leggobeastical ways, but more time I really want to just speak my mind. To tell those concerned just how predjudicial, superficial, judgmental, and prudical (my word) they really and truly are.

Alas, I refrain from doing any such thing for fear that one day I'll need to cross a river/fording and find that the bridge to facilitate my onward journey had already been burnt to the ground.

and so I blog/rant/vent.


may have changed, but my resolve is strong.

NadYa Dee