Men are like foliage

Last week while I was sick, I purchased cut flowers for my apartment to help lift my spirits. As a single person getting sick is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Anyhoo, as I cut and arranged my flowers I began thinking of how convenient it is to just be able to buy flowers when you need them and just discard them when they've served their purpose.

Which led me to think about men, not all men, but most certainly my men. You see, to some extent men are like flowers, there's some that you want to plant in your garden and nurture and watch them grow, and there are some that look good and make you happy for a while but you don't want to keep them and you certainly don't want to maintain them so you buy and/or borrow them from someone else who does. 

If only life were so simple. Alas...

During the winter I hadn't been doing any gardening (and yes gardening is also a metaphor for my sex life) I think I may have even killed my aloe plants :o(

On a side note, my mint plant has been thriving although I haven't been paying it much attention, now if I could only find a man to do the same... *sigh* 

And we're back!

...but now after seeing the sakura (cherry blossoms) and feel the seasons change I have decided to start my gardening again (metaphor pause: a certain type of gardening in particular). (Metaphor unpause) It's going to be hard work but it always relaxes me. :o)

These are a few of my plants from last year.


I'm also going to try to be more social, I've been pretty much hibernating this winter but in the months to come I intend to be more forthcoming with my comradery. 

Could this be some innate need to nurture? Some inert desire to procreate? Naah I doubt it. 

I think I'm just horny...AGAIN.

want to plant a seed and watch it grow (PUN UNINTENDED...gross lol)

NadYa Dee