Nadya Dee McGruder?

Could this be love???

So in the midst of my blog-surfing today I stumbled upon this lovely speciman. How did I not know about him before??? Now it's not often that I crush on someone but then again it's not often that I find someone both intellectually and visually appealling. 

Well now I have. I have known about the Boondocks for a while now, I mean who doesn't? 
I actually used to watch it quite often and I always found its content to be witty and intellectually engaging so I just assumed that the writer was a woman. LOL.

Boy was I wrong! The author is actually male and quite an attractive male if I don't say so myself. Aaron McGruder is 34, a Gemini, he reads, he draws and he writes! He's like my soulmate! I wonder if he's any good in bed??

Now in the aftermath of his Obama not being black controversy I find him even more appealing.

So imma be crushing on Mr. McGruder (or A as I affectionately call him) Atleast until someone better comes along or the ADD kicks in. 

Isn't he just adorable? and he has a brain too! I've hit the jackpot!

not a player I just crush alot

Nadya Dee