The Others

If you live in a glass house... - Dec. 01, 2004 at 07:38 AM

Past experiences have taught me that
as life progresses the more complicated it gets
Whenever you think you had it all figured out
it gets up bites you in the ass with a snicker and walks off
"While you a plan, God a unplan"
that is so true
I try to be prepared
but the truth is nothing in life is certain
any day could be your last
So to all i have hurt or been unkind
I say this now for peace of mind
I am sorry for my attitude and sometimes spiteful words
Its nothing personal its just that life sux you know
and my defense mechanism is to bitch every one else
I ask for absolution from the Big Man up above
cause my greatest fear in life is to never love

to come here just to leave
to never make any impact on anyone whether good or bad
As i explore the meaning to all that i have done
I accept my faults and the faults of those around me
No one is perfect, this i know for sure
But how beautiful it is to love someone who is just as imperfect as you
thats the true meaning of love
God loves us all knowing ALL our imperfections
All have sinned...

Those were my confessions

...don't throw stones.

Heartless - Dec. 05, 2004 at 11:43 AM

Maybe all they say is true
Could it be?
Through excessive socialization with the opposite sex
was it lost?
Or was it ever there to begin with?
"You have no heart, You cannot love"
Seems you've all got me figured out huh?
Majority rules
I'm a playa we don't get attached
But we do it's true
No we just use and abuse
No regard for anyone else
But the pain is deep within hidden at the base this charade
Or maybe it is lost in the grasp of someone else
But does he know that he has it, does he even care?
Or is it gathering dust as he administer my care elswhere?
Incapable of loving thats what they all say
I guess you've met your match now huh?
Overwhelmed a bit it seems

But now i need a heart ASAP
can someone help me out?
Well down the yellow brick to the wonderful Emerald City
With Lion, Scarecrow, Dorothy and Toto too
(8)We're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of Oz...(8)
And for a heart i'll go and search to prove you niggas wrong
that here with me buried beneath my pain it was hidden all along.

Whats Left... - Dec. 24, 2004 at 04:13 PM
I found these two poems that I wrote like a year ago
interesting to know what I was thinking back then...

Piece I: My World

I cry onto paper
my tears run as ink
in the formation of words
words combine systematically
We form my thoughts
for all to see
Windows to her soul.
I am left ajar
The world is revolving
without me
My soul spins
a cataclysmic arrival
Who stole my thinking?
Finally I stray from the cliche'd norm.
Love has been evicted
for non-payment of bills
The economic standings of an emotional world
It continues to spin
The rain stops falling
I've stopped crying
But where is the Sun?
It has spun away..

OKay Piece II: Bitter Quotations

Equate distinction with knowledge revealed
Wisdom remains hidden above
Above all hopes and dreams we aspire
a light goes off in a tower deserted
Deserted from true thought,
the ultimate survivor is left all alone.
Alone in a corner, the emergence of theories
his only solace, a peace of mind.
Mind, a mental construction, the preservation
of all we know
You know what you have preconceived
This lowlly preconception,
a mere deception of an absolute con.
Confusion, susceptible bereavment of our impending leisure.

Leisure, a thought masked only by complex maneuvers,
Human nature evolves as time extends laterally,
We bend and stretch hoping only to acheive gratification from he whom we hold dearest, Ourselves.