As I gaze upon the male physique I send praise to the creator. For molding, in his own image, such a masterpiece. So perfectly. A beauty to behold. A wonderous discovery. An Idol?

The greatest gift imaginable. A sweet surprise.

Ripples of chocolate loveliness. Delicious.

Rich and Dark. Buttery Toffee, Dreamy Fudge, Midnight Coffee, Chocolate Truffle, Black Magic and Caramel Caress.Milk Chocolate. Cravings of Honey Love, Fudge Dream, Pure Bliss and a Soft Whisper.
I would travel forever for some Eastern Delight.

As a matter of fact, just give me the whole box.

Give away the fruit and nuts.

Oh to be Willy, manufacturing this precious commodity. In all its glory.

If they all were mine. Amazing speciMEN.
Strong yet Weak.Incomplete in every way without me.
The Ying to my Yang, the Alpha to my Omega.
The genesis of my lust. Deeply rooted in a crooked lettered chromosome.

Yet I must continually yearn for a taste
and hunger for the ability to have and to hold
To service my engine and rotate my tires
To please me in everyway imaginable
Without them there is no me.
A whole-hearted supporter of heterosexuality.

My Man is my master, my ruler, my god.
Wait. What am I saying?
Fuck Niggas. Get Money.
... lol