If I don't do something I do nothing. My roving mind is in search of a story. The sleuth in me wants to find the truth. And while the truth eludes me, I ask questions. The same ones, worded differently, but with the same aim. I too would like to make a discovery or atleast accomplish something worth gaining. Worthy of my time and effort.
I suspect that there's going to be something catastrophic coming soon. I can't sense whether its positive or negative as yet. But it's going to be big. I'm trying to sniff it out while not getting distracted by the past. So now there's one of several options. If I avoid the drama, then i'll never get to tell the story. So I can either start wearing my raincoat everyday and walking with my umbrella, just incase I walk in to a shitstorm. Or I could just stay away. It's what i've been doing.
I'm beginning to admire how I can let certain things get to me, and somethings just don't. Maybe it has something to do with me losing the capacity to retain anything after a short period of time. Sometimes you just have to let things slide, without being trampled. But my thing is you can't get trampled if you keep on moving.

At the end of the day. It's tomorrow somewhere else. And as the future paints its picture across the sky, I relaise that I definately need to do something productive tomorrow.
Damn this rain!