Calabash here I come...

I'm feeling pretty much content with the direction that my life and current career choice have taken. My dreams as a child combined with my capabilities as an adult seems to have all led me to this specific moment, a moment of truth. A chance to prove my true worth, and be all that I can be..without the army....lol.

Big Ups to my friend Nats in the Orient, thanks for all the continuing support, between you and Mama Ruth, mi nuh know how mi woulda mek it dis far...trus mi iyah! Just keep strong and keep pressing on my friend... better must come! Miss yuh like a steaming bowl of Juicy Patties Hominy Corn Porridge. (hehehe... yeh mi a tief sue mi)

There comes a time in everyone's life when they should surround themselves with people who have the ability to elevate them and motivate them. And if we all aim to elevate and motivate each other, you'd be surprised to learn how much can be accomplished... I thank the Almighty for the friends and family who issue guidance and counselling during my times of need and it is my only hope that when the time comes for me to do the same that I can and will be as helpful as you all have been.

For those who are finding a difficulty with my own forward movements for whatever personal reasons, my only wish for you is that it all works out for the best. But I cannot be caught in the vacuum of your downward spiral, so Get Lifted like John said. Have more adult conversations, seek help and advice from those who only have your best interest at hand, because the truth is that there are users in this world. People who will step on you to get where they need to go.
And it's this crab inna barrel mentality that gave birth to slavery and that will continue to keep us all from reaching our full potential.

So take resolve in the fact that there will be haters everywhere you turn. It's inevitable, because the more you succeed is the envious they get. They will hate you for your confidence, for your intellect, your charm and your ambition. But while all their energy is invested in hating you, you can take that and turn it into positive.

Let your light shine as I let mine. I'm going to be a writer whether you like it or not. Yes I may fail it is a possibility, but I try not to worry myself with trivialities. I am investing my efforts into being successful in EVERYTHING that I do. Pardon me if i'm coming off as arrogant but it's merely self interest.

I am letting go of my deepest fear. What is yours?