New Vibration

My first piece of advice: 

Dear Nadya Dee, 

How does one adjust to a new vibrational field, if one is now on a higher vibrational energy?

Everything vibrates. This new vibrational field you are referring to is a galactic shift of energy and consciousness that is taking place right now. The Universe is preparing for a new dimension and so must we. As this shift takes place you will feel from time to time as if you are on a higher plane or tuning in to a higher frequency. You may even feel that you are in the presence of a higher level of energy. Before adjusting, one needs to fully acknowledge and appreciate this newer and higher vibrational field. Once you are fully present in this awareness then all else becomes simple. Begin each day with thanksgiving and try to spend each day with this in mind. Love exponentially, give from your heart, speak your truth and release all fears at the end of each day. 

Draw nearer to people who may be experiencing this shift with you, seek guidance within as well as from the people around you. Spend time meditating, feeding your mind, body and soul as well as doing activities which honour this new vibration you are experiencing. 

Most of all, just be. All is well. 


Nadya Dee