After an extremely motivational seminar for returning JETs last week I decided to take my impending career as a freelance writer/ copywriter/ editor serious.

And what better time to start than now? So here it is... my brand new second hand professional website.

I'm so proud of meeee!!!

Compartmentalization is key. And while I am all for people accepting me for who I am. When it comes to business the best most professional persona must always (and only) be displayed.

My future clients/ business contacts do NOT need to know that I'm an incorrigible and insatiable hornball with a potty mouth and ADD.

  • for the personal (and at times raunchy) excerpts of my life I will be using this medium, blogspot. That includes erotic noir, horny rants, and a barrage of curse words when necessary.
  • For the professional business minded Freelance writer I have my wordpress website.
  • For random (and at times raunchy and horny-infused) turrets-like ADD/ OCD motivated updates on my day to day existence I have twitter: @nadyadee
  • for the deep, inner and dark workings of my mind I have my tumblr account which is more visual and less verbal.


keeping a place for everything and everything in it's place

Nadya Dee. OUT!