Free Your Mind

For Black History Month 2010 I performed Mutabaruka's poem entitled "Dis Poem" at the event 'Free Your Mind' held at the Pink Cow in Shibuya, Tokyo. Yes, I know it was over a year ago, but better late than never right??? So here is the video (edited by yours truly) of me, Nadya Dee, performing Dis Poem:

This year at the third staging of the 'Free Your Mind' event (a part of the BHM Tokyo 2011 series) I decided to read a few Anancy stories by Miss Lou instead of a poem.

In addition to that I wrote a small poetic piece in response to the question: What will it take for me to really be free.

Here it is:

What is freedom anyways? a passport? a visa? democracy? wealth?

How can we truly be free when we are all forced to live in a system that has been designed to perpetually deny our freedom? That very system that gave us independence, removing physical shackles and chains while simultaneously imprisoning our brains.

What are you willing to risk, to lose, to take, to break to be free?

Do you really want to be free?

Are you truly prepared to abandon the only reality you have ever known and step boldly into the uncertainty of a life

unplugged from the matrix? disconnected from your mentally constructed sense of self based on societal norms?

Are you aware of the parasitic symbiotic relationship that to this day exists between oppressor and oppressed?

Do you even know who your oppressors are? Those who only seek to gain from your pain. Your blood sweat and tears.

They don't want you to be free for what do they gain by giving you freedom? Nothing.

How can you be free when basic necessities like air, water, food, shelter are being controlled by those who seek to profit from your suffering?

When will you decide that enough is enough? When will it be time to take a stand?

With our heroes and freedom fighters dead and gone. Who is left to fight for us? Where are they now?

Better yet, why aren't you fighting?

You want to know what it will take for you to really be free?

Freedom is not out at hachi-kou being handed out like tissues.

Freedom is a decision you have to make. To break free of the limitations of your mind. A decision to elevate your consciousness above and beyond this physical realm.

Freedom is connecting to your true self, the Creator within. The great I AM.

Freedom is right here, right now.

Take it.

I know I've been MIA lately but I'm trying to get my shit together and get my business up and running before I am officially unemployed so bear with me.


will do anything to be free

Nadya Dee